I thought I would give just an introduction before I started blogging about more interesting things.

I am a student at Syracuse Univeristy working towards my Masters in Library and Information Sciences with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Cultural Heritage Preservation (lot’s of big words!). My goal is to someday be the Indiana Jones version of a Children’s librarian, aka “This copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear belongs in a museum!”

Me and Megan

That's Me - I'm Not The Baby

I am also extremely fortunate to work and intern at the Manlius Public Library. I am a page there (I put the books away and do other odd jobs) and I intern in the Children’s Library with two of the most fabulous librarians ever! All the people (librarians and pseudo-librarians) at the Manlius Library are fantastic! I have been so lucky and fortunate to learn from them all, talk shop and other things with them, and basically just being in their presence has validated my love of libraries and has proven to me that I have chosen the appropraite profession.

Other than that I am the mother to a beautiful two year old little girl, Megan Faith. She is my reason to smile. I know it is a typical parental phrase, but she is my reason for breathing. I don’t know what I did without this little girl. Even in the terrible twos (and some days are very terrible) I wouldn’t trade her for anything else in the world.

Megan Faith

Yup, That's My Girl

This blog will most likely reflect the random things, thoughts, and moments that insight an explosion of thought in my brain as I finish up the last year and a half of my Masters. I am, also, going to focus on my love of Children’s Librarianship; the literature, learning, and zaniness that comes with interacting with “my” kids. The day I have to leave the Manlius library I will cry giant tears. I love all the kids who walk through that door and they inspire me to work harder, come up with better ideas, and be the best librarian I can be.

To kick off my new attempt at blogging (I have failed as a blogger and hope to find within me a “blogging-ness”) I’ve decided to combine two of my favorite things in the whole world. For my family and friends who know me, and to update those new to my life, HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE ENTIRE YEAR!! To mark off this tremendous day, to help install a habit of blogging within me, and to brag about some of the awesome books I know about and work with every day at the library, I’m going to do a “Book Countdown To HALLOWEEN!” (Yes, I’m aware it’s just the middle of September, but I cannot contain my excitement a minute longer). Every 2-3 days I will post a new blog about a great Halloween book to read during this awesome season! I will start with early readers (board/picture books) and work my way up to the Teen readers (aka YA).

So hello to all! I hope to read and respond to all your comments, questions, and general observations! And HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!


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