Halloween by Harry Behn – Book #1 in the Countdown to Halloween!!


To start off this countdown I’ve decided to go with a TERRIFIC picture book by Harry Behn; illustrated by Greg Couch.

Halloween by Harry Behn; Illustrated by Greg Couch

Halloween shows what this holiday is all about. We follow three trick-or-treaters as they run away from the ghouls and goblins of the night only to end up at a late night revelry with the “monsters” of Halloween. This beautifully illustrated book shows that one of the best parts of Halloween is that everyone and everything is not always as it appears!

The gentle and soft pictures add to the beauty and eeriness, while the illustrators additions (my favorite is the glimpse of the gnome’s home in the sewer with the easy chair and reading lamp) add humor for older readers. The illustrator has blended the real with the imaginary in such a subtle way that if one is not paying close attention they will miss the sprites, gnomes, and goblins of the night.

The prose describe the scenes, but are also quick and fast (great for younger readers), and fun to say. “Tonight is the night when dead leaves fly….” A terrific book for all ages and a great beginning to our countdown! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I (and my daughter) did!

Quick Facts

Author: Harry Behn

Illustrator: Greg Couch

Ages: All

Publisher: North-South Books Inc, New York, New York


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