Boo! by Joe Fenton – Book #6 in the Countdown to Halloween!

Hi all! Hope you’re as excited as I am that the trees are starting to turn and the nights are getting chillier!

For this pick I’ve selected an adorable book: BOO! by Joe Fenton

BOO! by Joe Fenton

This book is a (mostly) wordless picture book about an adorable little ghost who is searching for the scariest costume. He decides to do some research out of a book titled Scary Things. Using objects he finds around the house and the inspiration from the book the little ghost tests out his costumes on his family. After many tries he still has not found the perfect costume. Just as he is about to give up a minor accident literally drops the perfect disguise in his lap, one that not only scares his family but wins “The Scariest Spook Competition.” You will never be able to guess what his costume ends up being!

A visually stunning and hilarious picture book that every child will love. The dark backgrounds bring the colorful costumes that the little ghost tries on to the forefront. His expressions really help lead the story; his joy when he thinks he has found a new perfect disguise, and his despair when he fails. Each family member is very distinct and as comical as the little ghost’s costumes.

A great read for all ages, everyone will love watching this little ghost attempt to draw a BOO! out of everyone!

Quick Facts:

Author: Joe Fenton

Ages: Really for all ages, but younger children (Preschoolers to first graders) will be the ones who get the most enjoyment out of this book.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, New York, New York


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