So I’m on a storytime high right now. Even though a lot of people did not come (not unusual for this time of night) and even though there were moments where I felt the crickets, overall IT WAS AWESOME! Unfortunately I found my groove, and earned the kids trust, and I wanted to keep going but I had no more material. So I wanted to quickly jot down some thing I learned and impression.

So my line up was as follows:

“Monster Mash” with the Count and Sesame Street Characters as people came in the door.

Get the Wiggles out rhyme that I screwed up at the end because I couldn’t remember it. But the kids thought it was funny.

Handing out of lollipops (gotta have the candy 😀 )

The Ugly Pumpkin (look for a blog post about this book tomorrow, it’s awesome!) Kids liked it, parents did too.

“Roll That Pumpkin Down To Town” with Elmo and the Count. Possibly will not use this song again. I thought it was fast enough, way too slow. I hadn’t developed enough trust with the one little girl for her to start dancing, the one little boy was just excited to have candy, and the 5 year old thought it was stupid. The toddler danced, but then headed out the door once she didn’t know what was going on. I should’ve used “Monster Mash” and not done a song as they came in the door.

The Runaway Pumpkin – tried to get the kids to say the alliteration of the “Bumpin’ Thumpin’, Bumpety Thumpety, Bumpin’ Thumpin’ Roll Away Pumpkin.” By the end I gave up and just said it. Again, the one little girl was still eyeing me, trying to decide if she liked me or not. Five year old thought it was stupid. Toddler was gone. Little boy was trying to say it to his Dad quietly.

“Where is Pumpkin” – Asked the kids to come up and take the characters off the board as I said there names. This went over really well. Except, the five-year old wanted to dominate. So I had to call out their names and ask them “Aiden, where is the spider?” We lost the whole singing part (good, because I can’t sing). I let the kids take home the characters (have extra characters at the ready next time) to trace and have for Halloween.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts – By now I had found my groove. The kids were sitting well and listening, I had almost completely won over the trust of the one little girl because now I had given her both candy and another fun thing to take home. Both the parents and the kids enjoyed this one. I skipped over a couple of parts because of the parents reactions and their demeanor (when the little boy leaves the house by himself and mentions it, I skipped that because I thought the one Mom may not like it).

My “Chocolate Chip Ghost” feltboard story – WENT OVER AWESOME! Again, though, the five-year old tried to dominate. I had to start calling out the kids names to get them to answer the colors so she wouldn’t always answer. Now I had really won over the one hesitant little girl, she was smiling and yelling out when I asked her what color she thought. The little boy was being very quiet and calm (the previous week he had been running EVERYWHERE!). The parents were smiling too and answering with their kids. I need to get more feltboard stories. I discovered that I’m a better storyteller than a singer. I need some better movement music that I don’t have to direct, that tells the kids what to do.

Shel Silverstein’s “Gruesome Story” Poem – the kids really got into this short poem. The parents were laughing when I said he was one of my favorites. It was a good segway and introduced a moment to explain poetry when the five-year old said “That’s a really short story.”

The final book was Where’s My Mummy – by now the little girl was on the floor in front of me. AN AWESOME AUDIENCE! This is the point I realized, she was just testing me out and seeing if she liked me. She sat down on the rug squares and “eeked” and tensed at all the right parts. The five year old knew the story, so when I “tromped, tromped, tromped” or “stopped and listened” she was mouthing the words with me. The little boy was half asleep in his father’s arm.

SO! After all that (bless those who read this far), I’ve discovered I’M AWESOME AT STORYTELLING! But I really need to find some better music and some feltboard characters that I can make up stories about. I’m even considering puppets, but I’ve never used them without feeling foolish. So perhaps I will stick with feltboards and awesome picture books for now. But, I’ve gotta say, THAT WAS AWESOME!! AWESOME!! I wish I could do it all over again and I could make these changes….hopefully there will be another time…..

Check for a new blog post tomorrow, and it’s almost Halloween!!



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