Tower of Treasure

Tower of Treasure by Scott Chantler

Hi all! Hope you’re enjoying life!

So I decided to look at some of my all time favorite items in the library, GRAPHIC NOVELS! I am such a huge fan of juvenile graphic novels (and teen, and adult, pretty much anything with panels and a storyline) that its high time I finally selected some new(er) ones and gave them my once over. Considering I’ve pretty much never found a graphic novel I didn’t like, these should all be positive reviews 😀

To start it off I chose the first book in a series that I’ve been wanting to read since I first scanned the cover. Three Thieves-Book One: Tower of Treasure by Scott Chantler.

This is the introduction to the saga of Dessa, Topper, and Fisk, three performers in a traveling sideshow. Dessa is a young acrobat, she is looking for her twin brother who (we learn) was taken by a strange man who Dessa has very vague memories of. Upon arriving in Kingsbridge, the Royal City, Topper and Fisk decide that they are going to rob the Queen’s gold in the tower. Dessa, who is against any kind of thievery, refuses to help at first, but eventually gets dragged into the scheme. Upon being caught, the three have to fight to escape prison, and Dessa discovers the one man that she has been searching for who can point her in the direction of her long-lost brother.

This GN (graphic novel) is A FANTASTIC introduction to this new saga. It reads quickly and easily and almost feels like a well-directed television show. It’s full of action, mystery, and easy to discern flashbacks and overlay of panels. It does not push the back story like some introductory novels do, but let’s the mystery unfold. You don’t really need to know everything, just yet, about this world. Dessa’s discovery of the man she has been searching for is really the central point, the Tower heist is the backdrop to this discovery. This GN combines adventure, fantasy, mystery, and humor seamlessly. It’s a fantastic story with very fluid illustrations and characters that one will want to learn more about.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves adventure, particularly Three Musketeers or Robin Hood type adventures, and for those reluctant readers who “just can’t get into a book.” It’s a series that I’m rooting for and that I hope continues along the same path that this introduction hints at. I can’t wait to read the next installment!

Quick Facts

Author/Illustrator: Scott Chantler

Series: Three Thieves (This is the first book)

Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd., Tonawanda, New York


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