Stickman Odyssey – Book One: An Epic Doodle

Stickman Odyssey Book One: An Epic Doodle by Christopher Ford

So I’ve decided to stay with the adventure GN’s (graphic novels) and decided to check out a book I pretty much figured would be hysterical, Stickman Odyssey Book One: An Epic Doodle by Christopher Ford (who developed two pilots for Comedy Central).

This story (as you can tell from the cover) has a lot of influences from the Ancient Greek myths (particularly Odysseus). It follows self-centered Zozimos as he attempts to find his way back to his homeland of Sticatha (yes, you read that correctly). In the first installment of his tale we learn of Zozimos’ fleeing from his homeland, his upbringing by his crazy uncle, and his first adventures which include Golems, a Sphinx, a magical boat, and a misunderstood hermit.

This story is perfect for those middle school boys who love a good laugh and adventure. Filled with snarky humor, wit, and a couple fart jokes, it is a fun journey to follow. Plus, the fact that it is mostly about stick figures (which is possibly the only thing I can draw) makes it appealing for even those who have no artistic talent. It shows that anyone who can tell a good story can find a way to draw it as well.

I hope you enjoy the humor and zaniness of Zozimos and his friends as much as I did. Once you get past the “boyness” of this title, it really is a great introduction to Greek myths. You can easily pull out three Greek myths (from Oedipus to Odysseus) in this story, which opens the road for more conversations and later reading down the road.

Quick Facts

Author: Christopher Ford

Series: Stickman Odyssey (this is the first installment)

Publisher: Philomel Books, New York, New York


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