Patrick in A Teddy Bear’s Picnic and other stories

Patrick in A Teddy Bear's Picnic and other stories by Geoffrey Hayes

Hello all! So I’ve made a great discovery today, LEVELED GRAPHIC NOVELS!! Toon Books are easy reader graphic novels for those kids that just “can’t get into reading.” They’re fun and easy to read for Kindergarten to Grade 3. In the back of every Toon Book there are tips for parents and teachers on how to read comics for kids as well as how the graphic novels are leveled (three levels broken down by the amount of words, amount of characters, and content). This particular title is Patrick in A Teddy Bear’s Picnic and other stories by Geoffrey Hayes.

Patrick is an adorable little Pre-K Teddy Bear who adores his parents and loves to get into a bit of mischief. There are two longer stories and one short vignette that both parents and children will enjoy reading. Mom’s, in particular, will connect with Patrick’s mother as she deals with an excited kid heading out for a picnic. I love the thunder in her eyes when Patrick runs ahead of her and scares the birds. The “PATRICK!” is something I have heard myself saying to my own child as we were out and about having a fun day.

The drawings are very “Saturday morning cartoon” -esque and the panels are easy for younger readers to follow. They aren’t too convoluted, and the word bubbles and dialogue are obvious. There are very few characters for children to need to remember, and one of the main threads in this story deals with a bully who Patrick ends up outsmarting, a scenario that many children will have to face throughout their school years.

I hope that this will be a new trend in the leveled readers, heading towards a mixture of the older types of readers (Dick and Jane, Fly Guy, Biscuit) and the new graphic novels. This will allow all learning styles to have a book to turn to. Personally, I think this would be a great addition to our children’s repertoire of learning tools.

Quick Facts:

Author: Geoffrey Hayes

Series; Toon Book (three different levels for different ages and reading levels)

Publisher: Candlewick Press, Somerville, Massachusetts


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