Things That Make Me Laugh

It’s been an amusing week. Thought I would share some of my favorite moments thus far!

1) Munchkin’s response to my announcement that we are now leaving JoAnn Fabrics: “Damn it! I meant darn it! Darn it!”

2) A parent laughing so hard behind me after above incident. Not for what she said, but because I was mad that she knew to cover up the language, not the language itself. Hey! The higher functioning concerned me! What’s she saying on the playground!

3) My 4-year-old daughter catching her father in a lie at drop-off Sunday night. He said: “Megan didn’t want to come home tonight.” Munchkin: “That’s not true! Mom, I never said that! Daddy, that’s a fib!” The look on her face and then his was absolutely priceless. You go Munchkin!

4) A little boy singing “What Does the Fox Say” so hardcore yesterday, in the library, that he collapsed in a chair and stated “Wow, that song really gives you a good work out. Makes my abs feel STRONG!” Said boy is about 5.

5) My daughters reaction to slipping in ice: “Ow! Mom! I need ice skates!”

6) My daughters reaction to slipping in ice a few days later: “Oh man, not again! Momma! Would you buy me ice skates already!”

Hope everyone has a very fun, funny, and loving Thanksgiving!



The Bedtime Routine

side saddle

side saddle (Photo credit: daDOUBLEryl)


We get a lot of “Momfessions” here at the library. Patrons who we know really well tell us about the funny things that happen with their kids or their husbands (“Wifefessions”). I love hearing the things Moms/Wives say and do to make their lives easier. Makes me think, “hey, I’m not doing so bad myself.”

Today, a fellow single mom and I were talking about bedtime routines. It’s the love/hate relationship of single motherhood, we’ve decided. We both LOVE cuddling, reading books, and having that last moment of the day with our child. We both HATE bathtime and having to wait until their asleep to have just a little over an hour of freedom before we need to get to bed ourselves (both Working Single Moms). Somehow we have both discovered the same technique for squeezing just 10 more minutes of “me time” into the ends of our day. Step by step instructions follow for those that are interested:


1) Tuck child in to bed, turn on some music/white noise


2) Snuggle right into bed with little one, and lay quietly for one song.


3) Suddenly pop up and exclaim “I have to go to the potty!” Kiss the child good night, rush to the bathroom.


4) IN ADVANCE: After tub, sneak book and glass of wine into the bathroom.


5) Proceed to read and sip on the wine sitting on the bathroom floor until no noise can be heard from the child’s room. This takes approximately 10 minutes.


6) Stick bookmark in your book, crawl out of the bathroom into the child’s bedroom (without wine glass in hand, of course, although that may be some stealthiness I need to perfect) to make sure they are asleep.


7) If rustling or other noise besides breathing and lullabies can be heard, quietly and quickly crawl back to the bathroom for another chapter of your book.


8) If caught, repeat beginning at step 1.


If I really get into a book, I will sit on that bathroom floor until my bum is asleep. I’m waiting for the day my boyfriend comes upstairs to bed and finds me passed out on the bathroom floor, book open, empty glass of wine on the toilet. I’m sure it will happen!


What “Momfessions” or “Wifefessions” do you have?




I’m Back….I Think

So I’m going to give this one more shot. I really do want to blog more often about my job, my life, and see if there is any advice or information I can spread to the many communities that I am a part of.

To get the ball rolling, I have to share a fun story. I was just going through some book reviews, starting to create my wish lists for 2014, since I have nothing left in my 2013 budget. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a Children’s Librarian at a fantastic library in Syracuse, NY.

So, I’m going through book reviews, mostly kids stuff, but I enjoy browsing the young adult and adult books (giggle, adult books) as well. I get to this one “adult” book called 1001 Movies You Have to See Before You Die. On the cover is an image from the movieLife of Pi.” Great book, by the way. But the movie….well let’s just say, I got a good nap out of that one. I decided I wanted to find out more about this book, though. I went to of course AMAZON! I love Amazon. I use it multiple times in a day, particularly when a patron is like “The one with the dog on the front cover and the little kid sitting on the ground. What’s the title of that book and where would I find it? Can I put it on hold?” Sure, wait, let me use my cover recognition software, in put that description, and we’ll have your answer….hahahahaha, NOT!

So, anyways, I start skimming through some of the titles that it has listed that you can see in the Amazon preview. And then I really started to wonder something, what are my daughters 1001 Movies to see before she dies going to be? Because if it’s High School Musical, or Radio Rebel, I may put her out of her misery now. I mean, every couple years they come out with these lists, and there’s always the Godfather movies and The Usual Suspects, fantastic movies. But Life of Pi, I don’t know, maybe it’s because I took a nap, but that tiger would’ve taken him out within 5 minutes on that boat. The book was so much better, as it usually is.

But, seriously, what do you think our kids 1001 Movies to See Before They Die is going to be? I hope Tangled is on that list, and Up, those are some good movies. Maybe the Hobbit movies, but I haven’t seen those yet (I know, I have failed in my geekery!).