I Have The Awesomest Job In The World!

So, I know you have all heard my spout this over and over again. BUT IT’S TRUE!

It was reinforced this past Friday when I went to visit with Scott Nicholson and his Gaming Guild at Syracuse University. THIS WAS SUCH AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

So, context. I am working on a International Games Day @ Your Library, which is November 15, 2014. I’ve had a few good ideas, but I really wanted to do something MIND-BLOWING! (Warning, I’M LIKING CAPITAL LETTERS TODAY!). I talked with Claire, our awesome PR, Marketing, Programming person and we were both thinking Scott might be a good person to contact to get some ideas or see if he was available to do something. And he invited us to brainstorm with this group.


We’re talking….Battle of the Universes….Kids will pick a Universe to represent (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, etc.) and create a team to compete in multiple gaming competitions at the Manlius Library on Saturday, November 15th. As I iron out more information about events and such I’ll post them here. Maybe some of my kids will get savvy and check out my blog for special tips! I CAN’T WAIT!


Yet Another Shot

I’ve learned I’m a talker and apparently not a writer. So I’m going to give it another shot this winter, and try again for that coveted prize of “blogger.”

So let’s try this again….

What’s on my mind today…..programs I wish I could do in the library:

1) Baking. Seriously, shouldn’t all public spaces have an oven? And/or a stove? I would love to do a baking program. (That is sarcasm, fellow staff members. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if we just had a stove and oven lying around).

2) A con of some sort. Preferably a book con. With like 10 YA and Children’s Authors who all come for next to nothing! Lot’s of great press! And me with my autograph book filled with said authors signatures and the giddy smile on my face I get when I meet/interact with an author.

3) Any kind of Teen program where 9th grade+ actually show up! I will have this happen one day, and then I will retire.

4) An overnight at the library program. Except, I don’t want to stay overnight in the library, I just want someone to do this program so the kids can stop asking me to do it.

5) Finally, an awesome collaborative program between the senior center and the younger kids, I don’t care what age they are. Just think it would be great to work with the senior center and the kids together somehow.

That’s all for now. Keep looking for more posts! It’s going to be my goal this winter to make this a habit!

Youth Services Meeting and Last Day Blues

Hey all, sorry for being so tardy on posts. This end of the semester is kicking my behind! I promise to get up information about some awesome kids cookbooks I have found, but they may not be individual entries like before.

So just wanted to blog quickly about a great experience Jen and Kori exposed me to today; they invited me to sit in on the county-wide (I think) Youth Services meeting. It was a very interesting experience.

Kori and Jen presented on the Every Child Ready to Read program/system that they have invested in and done some “workshops” with parents on. I’ve known about this program since they received it at the end of the Summer, I’ve kind of “lived” it with them, but I didn’t really know that much about its history nor about its overall use to the OCPL system. I just thought this was something new they were trying out. It was awesome to be able to see them present to their peers, hear the questions asked of them, their responses, etc.

I then was fortunate to hear the entire group discuss the OCPL Five year Plan of Service that is about to be instituted in the county. Some of the points the group talked about, I thought, were not overly important (felt like it was nit-picky), other points however were extremely interesting. I won’t go into detail here (yet), because this plan of service hasn’t been approved yet, and issues discussed may be moot once the State gets its hands on the plan. However, the group dynamic is what really stood out to me.

There appeared to be a “click” of people with extremely positive attitude, those that were willing to be flexible and to look ahead. Then there were those that were extremely negative. Their body language alone spoke of their resistance to this plan and its was of measuring outcomes. Everytime someone spoke I would either overhear them or they would speak out something negative about an idea. Yes, we are all aware that there is no budget, yes we are aware that the state/county is asking a lot out of you. But does it kill you to try to find solutions to the problems? If the state is asking for outrageous demands wouldn’t it be better to show them that you are trying instead of sitting back on your heels and saying “nothing I can do?”

To be able to sit in a room of “professional” children’s librarians/youth services librarians and hear them discuss points and argue over ways of going about doing things was so fantastic! I would’ve never thought being in a meeting could be so enthralling. It’s how I know I’ve chosen the right profession, when I get excited to just be in a room full of people like that.

Tomorrow is, technically, my last day of internship. I still have some stuff to work on for my project that I’m going to do from home, but my hours are up. I am so sad to be “leaving” the children’s circulation desk. But, I’m so honored to have had this experience. It has been fantastic working with Kori and Jen and everyone here at the Manlius Library. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have taught me and all the opportunities they have given me. I’ve done a storytime, created a cultural pathfinder, worked on genre labels, gone on a school visit, participated in meetings, and have loved every minute of it. I will continue on with my paging duties so I will at least be continuing with an aspect of the library, but I will miss interacting with these kids on an almost daily basis. I’m hoping that the New Year will bring some great news, but I know that the library can’t just create money out of nowhere. Until then, at least I get to come a couple of days a week to this fantastic and awesome place!