The Bedtime Routine

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We get a lot of “Momfessions” here at the library. Patrons who we know really well tell us about the funny things that happen with their kids or their husbands (“Wifefessions”). I love hearing the things Moms/Wives say and do to make their lives easier. Makes me think, “hey, I’m not doing so bad myself.”

Today, a fellow single mom and I were talking about bedtime routines. It’s the love/hate relationship of single motherhood, we’ve decided. We both LOVE cuddling, reading books, and having that last moment of the day with our child. We both HATE bathtime and having to wait until their asleep to have just a little over an hour of freedom before we need to get to bed ourselves (both Working Single Moms). Somehow we have both discovered the same technique for squeezing just 10 more minutes of “me time” into the ends of our day. Step by step instructions follow for those that are interested:


1) Tuck child in to bed, turn on some music/white noise


2) Snuggle right into bed with little one, and lay quietly for one song.


3) Suddenly pop up and exclaim “I have to go to the potty!” Kiss the child good night, rush to the bathroom.


4) IN ADVANCE: After tub, sneak book and glass of wine into the bathroom.


5) Proceed to read and sip on the wine sitting on the bathroom floor until no noise can be heard from the child’s room. This takes approximately 10 minutes.


6) Stick bookmark in your book, crawl out of the bathroom into the child’s bedroom (without wine glass in hand, of course, although that may be some stealthiness I need to perfect) to make sure they are asleep.


7) If rustling or other noise besides breathing and lullabies can be heard, quietly and quickly crawl back to the bathroom for another chapter of your book.


8) If caught, repeat beginning at step 1.


If I really get into a book, I will sit on that bathroom floor until my bum is asleep. I’m waiting for the day my boyfriend comes upstairs to bed and finds me passed out on the bathroom floor, book open, empty glass of wine on the toilet. I’m sure it will happen!


What “Momfessions” or “Wifefessions” do you have?