Yet Another Shot

I’ve learned I’m a talker and apparently not a writer. So I’m going to give it another shot this winter, and try again for that coveted prize of “blogger.”

So let’s try this again….

What’s on my mind today…..programs I wish I could do in the library:

1) Baking. Seriously, shouldn’t all public spaces have an oven? And/or a stove? I would love to do a baking program. (That is sarcasm, fellow staff members. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if we just had a stove and oven lying around).

2) A con of some sort. Preferably a book con. With like 10 YA and Children’s Authors who all come for next to nothing! Lot’s of great press! And me with my autograph book filled with said authors signatures and the giddy smile on my face I get when I meet/interact with an author.

3) Any kind of Teen program where 9th grade+ actually show up! I will have this happen one day, and then I will retire.

4) An overnight at the library program. Except, I don’t want to stay overnight in the library, I just want someone to do this program so the kids can stop asking me to do it.

5) Finally, an awesome collaborative program between the senior center and the younger kids, I don’t care what age they are. Just think it would be great to work with the senior center and the kids together somehow.

That’s all for now. Keep looking for more posts! It’s going to be my goal this winter to make this a habit!